Why are lysosomes called suicidal bags ?

Why lysosomes are called suicidal bag? Lysosomes are capable of, destroying its own cell in which it is present. It contains many hydrolytic enzymes which are responsible for the destruction process.This happens when cell gets damaged, the cell is aged or gets infected by foreign agents like any bacteria or …

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How many seconds are there in one week ?

How many seconds in a week? Let’s find the answer. In one week there are 7 days.In one day, there are 24 hours.In one hour, there are 60 minutes, andIn one minute, there are 60 seconds. So,Number of seconds in a week =1 min = 60 secs1 hr =60 X …

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What do you do meaning in hindi ?

What do you do meaning in hindi? Answer : आप क्या करते है? “AAP KYA KARTE HAIN” We ask this question “What do you do” when we are asking about a person’s details. This is a very common question. We ask “what do you meaning in hindi, what do you …

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