What do you do meaning in hindi ?

What do you do meaning in hindi?

Answer : आप क्या करते है? “AAP KYA KARTE HAIN”

We ask this question “What do you do” when we are asking about a person’s details. This is a very common question. We ask “what do you meaning in hindi, what do you hindi meaning, you do meaning in hindi, what are you do meaning in hindi, what to do mean in hindi, what u do hindi meaning, what do you do now meaning in hindi” to anyone whom me meet for the first time or whether the person is going for an interview. This is a very general question which is asked while meeting someone for the first time

What do you do hindi translation is simple translation of an english sentence. Translation of english to hindi language could be easily with little knowledge of tenses and basic use of common english phrases. We are in the era of international business therefore we must have knowledge of languages as many as we could.

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